Icicle Creek Water Smart Gardens Program


Icicle Creek Water Smart Gardens Program

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The Icicle Creek Water Smart Gardens Program (WSGP), as part of the Icicle Strategy, aims to fulfill the guiding principal of improving domestic water supply in the Icicle Creek subbasin. This program will reimburse landowners on a price per square foot basis to decrease outdoor water use by replacing existing water intensive lawn with drought tolerant native plants and other landscaping materials that require less water. 

The WSGP will reimburse landowners $2.00 per sqft of lawn removed, with a maximum reimbursement amount of $3,000 (1,500 sqft). Landowners interested in the program will need to submit an application containing the necessary information (see below) before any work has commenced. Applications are reviewed by the WSGP team, who will schedule site inspections to verify lawn size and health. 

Please note: Approval must be granted prior to any ground disturbance.  

Eligibility requirements:

  • Be a verified user of Icicle Creek water
  • Submit a landscape design with their application
  • At least 50% of the converted area must be vegetated with drought tolerant/native plants (no noxious weeds)
  • Install a drip irrigation or other low water yield system
  • Must be able to provide evidence that lawn is currently irrigated/regularly watered (recent photo)

All work should be completed by September 15, 2025 in order to be eligible for reimbursement through this opportunity. 

This program will also be available for new construction or new landscaping with a reduced reimbursement amount of $1.00/sqft.

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Timeline Date
June 1, 2024
Timeline Details
Program launch date, applications open
Timeline Date
June 1, 2024-June 1,2025
Timeline Details
Applications open
Timeline Date
September 15, 2025
Timeline Details
Close of reimbursement requests


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