Icicle Strategy MapIcicle Creek is a major tributary to the Wenatchee River in Chelan County, Washington. Flows from Icicle Creek support a range of demands from domestic water supply and agricultural irrigation to habitat for fish. Taken together, these demands on the watershed are often greater than the water supply needed to meet them.

The Washington Department of Ecology’s (Ecology) Office of Columbia River (OCR) and Chelan County co-convened the Icicle Work Group (IWG) in 2012 to find collaborative solutions to chronic water supply problems in the watershed. The IWG developed a water resource management strategy (Icicle Strategy) consisting of a comprehensive list of projects that address Icicle Creek issues identified in their Guiding Principles.

The IWG is made up of a diverse set of stakeholders representing local, state and federal agencies, tribes, irrigation and agricultural interests and environmental organizations. The IWG follows a set of operating procedures that define its purpose, members and ultimate goals of this strategy.

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